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Dairy Farm in the outskirts of Dubai

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Africa Dairy Development - South Africa

Simunye Dairy  Ennerdale

The activity of the Company is

Supply of processing equipment through PT. Industry ApS. Ongoing business advice including help in raising finance, market research into the viability of a particular location for trading purpose. Assistance with negotiation leases and obtaining planning permission. The provision of building & site development plans and specification, a standard accounting system - virtually anything connected with setting up a new business                                      



Nakhali Dairy Farm - Dubai


The activity of the company is

To process milk from the connected Dairy Farm and make various milk products like Feta cheese, Cream, Butter, Ghee, Yogurt, Labneh, Amasi, Mala, Fresh full cream milk, Skimmed milk, Flavored milk. PT. Industry ApS has supplied the dairy processing equipment, the related process technology inclusive back-up service for spare parts and maintenance. Assistance to purchase of the Jersey cows.


Please contact us for further information's about our projects around the world. The company started back in 1962 so it is irrelevant to list all projects.


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